Email Etiquette

Do now“2moro is the last assignment AKA “History Biog” or something like that, right? The last Q info is N?A. It is NP for me but my partner is CWOT. Can I get an ext? JC if this is OK with u.

  • What is your opinion of this email? Is this the proper way to email the teacher? why or why not? Has this email helped or hurt the senders digital footprint and reputation?

Do now : Read each of the student emails below. What do you think of the student's email? What is the real message? Does the message reflect a positive digital footprint? Does the email help or hurt the senders reputations as a student?

1. " I tried to access your link to the opposing viewpoints database you recommended, but it won't go through!!!! How am I supposed to finish the assignment !!!!

2. "Sorry for submitting the components of the volunteering application separately.The requirements were really hard to find on your website, and I just now realized that I hadn't submitted one of them. I wish you could organize the stuff better on the site. Anyway, I think this correct"'

3. " Based on your assignment # 3 seems to be related to #13, but does 14 do the same thing as last week's # 4. Does # 3 require and explanation or an attachment? Can I use the attachment as I used in last week's assignment? Also, if you scroll down a page 4 the am and h columns are confusing. Can you explain?"

4. "Attached is a chart for the history project. Sorry, I did not complete it but my partner just did not do any of the work. In fact, if it wasn't for me it would not have gotten done at all"