Discipline Plan

Behavior Rules for the Library:

1. Follow directions first time given

2. Raise hand to speak- wait to be called upon

3. Keep noise level low

4. Respect others and school property

5. Listen carefully to teachers and classmates

6. Cooperate in groups or with a partner

7. Be prepared

If a student chooses to break a rule the consequences will be as follows:

1. Warning

2. 5 minute time out

3. 15 minute time out

4. Sent to principal

Severe disruption- send to the principal immediately

· Arguing or becoming openly defiant towards a teacher

· Bolting and leaving the library without permission

· Bringing a weapon or drugs to school

· Fighting or hitting another student

· Stealing, vandalism

Positive Consequences I Use When My Students Behave:

10 stickers earned= Kahoot game as a class

Verbal praise

· Phone call or email home

· Notify homeroom teacher of good behavior

·Additional checkout time